Tips to React to the Board Exams - Board Exam Experience

Celebration drama, crying , disappointment comparison with friends result, time for this has come at last. Everyone may react differently to exam tension. You are not the only one. Everyone has worked hard. Exams do bring stress not only to the kids but for their parents too. Waiting for exam results can be a scary time for sure! Stomachs churn until declared. Hey long awaited results at last declared. Hold your breath!  The sacrifices made by the family like cutting off cables, Wifi, SMS’ing through phones to yield a positive result . The time has come. time to end panic, stress and anxiety. Full stop to put an end the long pricking tension and fear to face friends and relatives .

Tips to React to the Board Exams

Results signify a change in your  life, your next step to progress. Exams are stepping stone to success.  Expectations going to end. Congrats! Mixed emotions being experienced with positive attitude proceed in to next step. Students and parents subjected to pressure to face the demand for seats for the group they want and time to decide. 

Tips to React to the Board Exams - Board Exam Experience

Heavy competition in this competitive word. With a calm mind having done best and leave the rest, present in your hand to shape the future. Cool relax! wisely plan breaking head stuffing with tension max ability and dedication. Parents its for you to relax first than the child, be supportive and positive, don’t transfer your anxiety to kids. We parents should definitely know one thing, this is not the end of line. This is a board exam, we all know how hard it is to digest the fact of your ward’s marks but still please don’t pressure him / her.

We must also keep the fact in mind, that nothing can be done now, like he / she has completed his / her exams, nothing can definitely be done now. So let him / her enjoy till the results come out. 3 out of 5 people who got centrums in the past years have quoted that they were very cool when the results came out. Only when we fear for something, it leads to something bad. So let’s all chill as said already nothing can be done now, except for praying (and also it is not an option if you are an atheist). The bottom line is you’ll have to wait till the last week of May, 2015 which is the 4th week in order to know your / your ward’s CBSE board marks.

We here all are praying and wishing you for your results. Let our wishes bring you the marks you wanted, and we all hope you get awesome marks.