Recover Memory Card With PC Inspector 2018 - (step by step)

Recover Memory Card : Recover the memory card with the PC inspector, have you deleted the picture from your camera's memory card during the untimely? What format did you have the check? Pictures/files were very important? So what do you think?

Recover Memory Card

Recover Memory Card With PC Inspector

I say what to do, maybe you can get your photos too. If you search google then you can get many mammoth card recovery tools. Very rarely that freeware. And even if you are freeware

However, the freeware that can be most effective in this case is "PC inspector smart recovery"

First of all, it is important to confirm that you have not loaded any more photos on your mammoth card after formatting or deleting it. If pictures are taken into a new picture, it may be difficult to reclaim your photos when photos are redone. In that case, the pc inspector cannot guarantee you 100% recovery.

This awesome tool supports win 9x, me, nt 4.0, xp and windows ™ 2000 platforms. And this tool supports all the picture formats - .Jpg, .Amr, .Tif, .Bmp, .Gif, canon.Crw, fuji .Raf, ricoh .Row, olympus .Orf (e-xx), olympus .Org (c5050), nokia 3gp, kodak .Dcr, minolta .Mrw, nikon .Nef (d1h / d1x), nikon .Nef (d2h / d2x), nikon .Nef (e5000 / e5700), sigma - foveon .X3f, mp4, quick time .Mov (konica minolta). And .Avi in ​​the video file, .Wav, .Dss format and can be recovered in quicktime .Mov format and audio files.

This tool is not only required for the camera's memory card, it can work on any type of mammoth stick.

Many have lost their computer files and are in danger. After knowing that a file can be deleted, it may suddenly be needed. If the deleted file is recycled, then it can be restored, but if the file is not recyclable, then software needs to be returned.

This software, commonly known as Data Recovery Software, is also possible to get rid of deleted files [Shift + del] or deleted files from Recycle Bin directly from the hard disk. This software is often a demo or trial version, which is available in CD format. If you have a lot of trials or demo versions of the software available on the Internet, then the full version can be downloaded from the Internet. Some of the software is discussed.


Using this software is relatively easy. You can get it back from the recycle bin using it without installing or rewriting files directly from Windows. After opening it, you can search for files that are recoverable, or you can search for a file using a certain name or file extension. Another feature is that it can be used to find files that are in a recoverable condition and delete them in such a way that they can not be recovered even with the help of data recovery software. You can use this feature to save a very confidential file from others. So use as a data recovery software can also be used as a security cleanup tool. 


PC Inspector File Recovery - Recover Memory Card Easily

This software is capable of working on FAT 12/16/32 and NTFS file system. One of the features is to restore a deleted word document with this software, before the removal of that file, the date it was created, its properties will appear in the properties. After deleting it, the files at different levels can be restored, even the header entry deleted files. It can automatically find partitions on the Fat File System. It can be used only on an operating system running properly. The drive that you want to Recover Memory Card from the data needs to be installed on another drive. The best is to install a different hard disk.

Now Let's Take a Look at the Steps of the Recovery Process -

  • Must be installed before. Make sure the memory card is fitted. Run the pc inspector this time.
  • Now select your memory card drive.
  • Select the format field.Jpg
  • Select the location of the files recovered. And lastly
  • Press start.

Simple. You can try once. Very useful tool

Best of luck!